Providing DASH
Master node Hosting
in a way that
makes Sense…

Pennyscavs Offers A Suite Of Services That Makes Running, Managing And Evaluating Performance As Simple And Intuitive As Possible.


“DASH Is Just Like Cash, But Better. It Works On Your Phone And Enables Peer To Peer Transactions That Just Work. “

Using a hardware wallet is not a requirement, but it’s a really good idea especially when you’re considering starting a Masternode…

DASH is a two-tiered network which provides a number of capabilities such as InstantSend, PrivateSend, and decentralized governance. It’s this second tier (the Masternodes) which make this possible. To help the network provide these capabilities each masternode must fulfill their requirements.

The most restrictive part of these requirements is the 1,000 DASH capital required. There are other hardware and software requirements and Penny Scavengers is ready to fulfill those requirements.

Don’t send your crypto somewhere that you don’t have access to…like a scammer…checkout these common pitfalls.



Single-Owner Remote-Start Masternodes 50 CHF/ Month With A Yearly Commitment.

Governance and Treasury allows users to determine the direction of the project and 10% of the block reward goes to fund development of the project/ecosystem.

  1. You maintain 100% control of your assets.
  2. Dash Evolution will make using cryptocurrency just as easy as using PayPal.
  3. Dash InstantSend transactions are fully confirmed within two seconds..
  4. Block-rewards every 9 to 13 days.
  5. Projected 6% annual volume gain.


Why should I invest in DASH?
The Risks of Investing in Dash?
How to trade Cryptocurrencies?
Will I need to pay taxes?
Why should I invest in DASH?

DASH has a long history of focus on speed, privacy, and usability. Currently DASH offers instant transactions with fees less than 1 cent.

The Risks of Investing in Dash?

Carefully review the information presented here: The power of being your own bank aslo comes with the responsibility of acting as the custodian to your own funds. This means taking adequate precautions to safetly purchase, store, and transfer your funds.

  1. Don’t tell people how much crypto-currency you have
  2. Use Hardware wallets
  3. Use Exchanges for buying and selling, not for storing
  4. Always encrypt your wallets
  5. Double Check EVERYTHING DASH transactions are immutable which means they can’t be reversed.

Which means that if you send DASH to the wrong address it’s gone forever. An easy way to prevent catastrophe is to send a test transaction. When the person you’re sending to has received the test transaction (normally a much smaller amount), you know that you have the correct address. If you are moving funds between wallets that you own send a test transaction, and then send another transaction back. This second transaction confirms that you do in fact have access to this second wallet.

How to trade Cryptocurrencies?

The simplest method to buy/sell crypto-currencies is to purchase them from an exchange: ATM’s are another popular option, and you can find more information here:

Will I need to pay taxes?

ABSOLUTELY. Each and every nation state/territory has their own unique laws and restrictions regarding crypt-currencies , and it’s critical that you understand your tax liability associated with each transaction, and keep a record of each transaction for tax purposes. A number of services exist to help you with this task:


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